Whether you have a plot on which to build, or you want to extend your current home, at TRESGRADOS we get involved so that, from the very first moment and through a multidisciplinary team that takes care of the whole process, you have the maximum guarantee and peace of mind.

In our studio, a fundamental part is communication with the owner during all phases, and especially in the design and personalisation of each project. For this reason, we help to capture your concerns and ideas on paper and through 3D photorealistic representations, facilitating the perception of spaces and materials at a very early stage of the project. It allows us to anticipate decision-making and avoid future problems.

During the execution of the works, we constantly monitor the progress of the works to ensure that everything goes according to plan, dealing with every detail of the house with rigour and the highest standards.

At TRESGRADOS we offer a comprehensive service in all phases of the execution of the home or premises, from the procedures with public and private administrations, to advice on the choice of the builder or contractor, always with a detailed and personalised architectural project.


The best option for the renovation of a home or premises is not always the right one at first idea. Even more, it often happens that after a detailed study of the sunlight, ventilation, initial distribution, the owner's needs and other conditioning factors that affect them directly or indirectly, better results are obtained.

At TRESGRADOS we seek the best technical and economic solution for the refurbishment of homes or premises, whatever its state of conservation. We carry out detailed studies of distributions, materiality and quality/price ratio to help you decide what suits your needs and desires, guiding you at all times.

Whether maintaining the original style or designing a new space keeping only the essentials, we will apply environmentally friendly and latest technology materials to create unique spaces with a high level of comfort.

Minimalist, Ibizan, modern, classic, industrial, traditional, Nordic... whatever style you are looking for, we can help you find your own style, and adapt it to your way of life to create your own personal style.


If you are going to buy a house, plot or business property, either for your own use or for investment, at TRESGRADOS we can advise you so that you have no doubts about what you are buying. We know that most of the time buying a home is the biggest investment you make in life, so why take the risk?

We prepare detailed reports about the property to find out what can be built and its urban planning conditions, valuations of existing buildings, structural reports of existing buildings... And most importantly, we will always look after your interests and benefits.

Whether you want to give added value to the property or plot you want to sell, or you want to carry out a preliminary study to see what can be done on a plot you are interested in, we provide you with design tools to show in 3D a real representation of the final product.

In addition, our collaborators include professionals who are highly qualified to manage the entire process, from obtaining the licence to the paperwork with notaries and registries.


Every day, we realise more and more that cities and buildings are not prepared for people with reduced mobility. And it does not only affect people with wheelchairs; elderly people, problems in the locomotive system, parents with prams, bringing the bicycle up to your flat... which is why society, and consequently the regulations are becoming more demanding in their updating and application.

That is why at TRESGRADOS we offer advice and technical solutions in all types of situations, also providing information on financial aid for their implementation.

We will propose the best quality/price solution, and we will advise the owners throughout the whole procedure, from the first consultation to the completion of the works.


  • Town planning reports

  • Legalisation of unlicensed buildings
  • Technical consulting
  • Energy certificates
  • Business opening projects
  • Procedures for minor works
  • Certificate of existing work to include the buildings in deeds
  • First and second occupancy licences. Certificates of occupancy