New spaces for new owners

Helena arrived in Denia with a house that was over 100 years old and wanted to give it a new look. When she came to our office she had it clear; she wanted light, open spaces and for the day area to be the main core of her home.

When we arrived at the building we found a construction that, in addition to being old and in poor condition, did not take advantage of the orientation it had, and the kitchen, living room and dining room had a layout that was not functional and lost the direct connection between its spaces.

After studying the structure of the house and the owner's programme of needs, we set about demolishing the interior layout, converting the living room, dining room and kitchen into a single space, with openings on all four façades, creating a breeze through the house, renewing the interior air, which would be appreciated later, in the words of the owner herself.

A new entrance was introduced in the distribution area of the house, allowing an easy connection with the bedroom area without the need to enter directly through the living-dining room. In its place, a large fixed panel was installed with direct views of an imposing oak tree and which articulates the outdoor patio.

Finally, the terrace was extended to the south-east so that the owner could have breakfast in the sunrise light. Denia has a climate that allows most of the year to be able to be outside and enjoy the fresh air.

TRESGRADOS was involved in the integral reform of my house from the very first moment. They took care of all the paperwork and carried out a much better renovation than I would have expected. They turned around an old and dark house, enlarging all the spaces and opening up all the openings to take advantage of the natural light, giving air and life to all the rooms. Now it is totally different!

Helena Serrano y Juan Albacar. Owners