Adapted to a new life

Maurice Amsellem arrived in Denia with his wife in 2013 from France, when their working life had come to an end and they were looking for a place where they could enjoy a good life. They bought a house at the foot of the Montgó, very close to the Ermita de Sant Joan, and contacted us to take on the challenge of converting a house in very poor condition into a functional home with their own style.

The refurbishment consisted mainly of a facelift, without affecting the existing structure and maintaining as far as possible the style that the house had, but updating and modernising the materials, installations and finishes, and at the same time making the necessary improvements in terms of comfort and habitability.

We quickly got down to work, helping Maurice to manage all the necessary paperwork for a project of this nature, as he was a foreigner and did not know what procedures needed to be carried out.

It was proposed that the upper floor, with access via an external staircase, would be for guests, while the entire ground floor would be for the owners in order to avoid changes in their daily activities as far as possible.

To take advantage of the swimming pool, which is on a lower level due to the slope of the plot, the space was simplified through materiality, adding only the white of the walls, and the grey of the paving together with the green of the natural grass. The result was a colour palette that reflects tranquillity and harmony, ideal for relaxing alone or in the company of friends and family.

Maurice and his wife Lily are still living in Denia, years later, very excited about this new stage of their life, and they continue to tell me about their experiences in their new home when we have a coffee together. They are getting more and more adapted to their new life.

Thank you TRESGRADOS for your availability, your efficiency, your complicity (everything is easy with you), your architectural qualities, your good ideas, the choice of trades, the monitoring of the works, the respect of the deadlines... and the friendship that remains at the end of the work, which for me is the best thing that remains at the end..

Maurice Amsellem. Owner